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Try It!

To create an interesting and productive blog, it is a good idea to regularly read other blogs. You can sign up to blogs and recieve notification of new blog posts. This will give you content ideas and you will become familiar with how to blog successfully. Take the time to read the comments left by readers. Here are some examples of blogs which you can visit:


Nature News Blog 

Posts are written by the Nature Journal Publishing Group editors, staff and occasional guest bloggers.


Dr. Powell, Dr.Chapman, Dr.Hubbell and other food safety professionals offer evidence-based opinions on current food safety issues.

Hungry for science  

Blogger Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist with the UK Food Standards Agency, blogs on emerging food issues and uses the blog to find out readers’ thoughts, comments and questions on specific issues. 

United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA has a food safety category in their blog. Blog topics include meat and poultry safety, foodborne illness, GAP and GHP and the Food Safety and Inspection Services.

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