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Food Allergen Alerts

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) launched a SMS campaign in 2010, which informs subscribers of the presence of allergens in inappropriately labelled foods. Anyone with an interest in this area can subscribe to receive these alerts via the FSAI's website. Food allergen alerts are issued by the FSAI upon receipt of information that a food product poses a risk to certain consumers’ health, this may be due to inadequate or incorrect allergen labelling or any other reason which puts allergen sufferers at risk. This service is targeted at food allergy sufferers, enforcement officers and food businesses.

All allergen alerts can also be accessed on the FSAI website. In addition, both industry and official agencies can inform the FSAI of food allergen issues.


What makes this a good example?

  1. The FSAI encourage people who have an established food allergy and the parents of children with an established food allergy to subscribe online to receive the email and/or SMS text alert notifications. The ultimate objective of this notification system is to prevent  people who have an established food allergy from purchasing or consuming a food product which may be detrimental to their health.
  2. People have a tendency to carry their phone with them. Therefore, the communication of allergen alerts through email and/or SMS text alert notifications mean that subscribers are likely to receive the alert immediately irrespective of time or location.
  3. All subscribers can be informed at once.


Other good examples of how SMS can be used effectively by organisations and businesses can be found on the go2mobile website here.


  • Keep the message short but comprehensive
  • Use full words and complete sentences when sending allergen alerts via SMS.