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Examples of Public Consultations

Calories on menus

Public consultation on putting calories on menus in Ireland served to identify, how ‘calories on menus’ can be best implemented in Ireland. Interested parties were invited to comment on the issue and complete a short online questionnaire on the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) website. Over 3,300 submissions were received by the FSAI during the consultation and 80% of the opinions came from consumers. The FSAI made its recommendation, for information regarding calories to be shown on menus and displays for all standard food and drink items, after the public consultation showed that 96% of consumers wanted the calorie labelling.

Animal-based measures to assess the welfare of dairy cows

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launched a public consultation in 2011 on the draft scientific opinion on the use of animal-based measures to assess the welfare of dairy cows. The main objective of the consultation was to gather the views of stakeholders and interested parties and receive their comments on the draft opinion. The consultation received 18 submissions from 4 organisations and a total of 66 comments. EFSA’s Working Group of the Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) Panel updated the draft opinion by addressing relevant and valid comments which they received from the public consultation. The draft Scientific opinion on the use of animal-based measures to assess the welfare of dairy cows was completed and submitted for adoption by the AHAW Panel.

Identifying stakeholder groups

  • Who will be directly affected?
  • Who will be indirectly affected?
  • Who might have an interest or feel that they are affected?