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Food safety inspection Mobile App


Traditionally, food safety inspections and audits were conducted in the field using a clipboard, pen, and paper then transcribed to working documents and reports back at the office. Even web-based auditing solutions still require paper forms and computers to enter the data back into the system.

The development of mobile apps for handheld devices and smartphones has minimized administrative tasks. Mobile apps can be a faster, simpler and more cost-effective way of carrying out audits than paper based solutions.


For example, this mobile app from Inspect2GO is a food safety inspection checklist. It guides the user through the inspection process in a checklist format, while allowing them to write extensive comments and even capture images from the inspection. Some of the areas it covers include evidence of pests, employee cleanliness, and workplace safety, equipment and cooking /storage temperatures. The app can be customized to meet specific auditing requirements. Once the checklist app is completed, a PDF is automatically generated that can be emailed and is stored in a web portal, so that paper forms do not need to be carried around during an audit. There is also ability for the Inspector's signature and date of the audit to be captured.

What makes this a good app?

  1. Saves resources- The food safety app saves time by generating a PDF report directly from the handheld device, eliminating clipboards and manual filing.
  2. Tailored- This mobile app is custom made based on clients’ existing Word/Excel docs. This auditing information can be turned into checkboxes. This application minimizes the amount of data entry the user has to perform by incorporating check boxes, look-up lists and automatically generated results.