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Get Going!

How to set up your business page on Facebook

  1. Navigate to the following URL in a new tab to create your business page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  2. Click Sign up for Facebook and you will be guided through the set up procedure.
  3. Manage the roles of your page administrators. This allows you to invite various employees from your business to be administrators on your Facebook page in order to respond to comments or messages specific to their function, without giving them complete power over your page. The other options under 'Edit Page' allow you to manage your notifications and add page permissions.
  4. Build an Audience: challenge yourself to think about a strategic method for inviting users.
      i. First, upload content to your page.
      ii. Then invite your main stakeholders to start engaging with that content.
      iii. Once your page has some interactions, invite more fans and contacts, and they'll be more interested to like the page when they see the activity in it.
      iv. From that point, it's at your discretion if you'd like to use Facebook's advertising tools to further promote the page.
  5. Fill the Page with Content and Posts: When posting on your page, be sure to use a variety of content such as images, statistics and links.
  6. Monitor: ensure you're monitoring how fans are interacting with it. To the upper right of your Admin panel, you will see all the private messages users are sending to your page. Meanwhile, the upper left and center of the panel shows all the posts users are “liking” and commenting on. Be sure to respond to comments and messages as needed to ensure interaction with your fans.
  7. Measure Your Efforts: Click on the 'View Insights' option to the bottom-center of your Admin panel. You will be able to monitor reach, engagement, and the like in order to help you grow and adapt your Facebook food safety and risk communication efforts around what's working and what's not.

Tips for success on Facebook

  • Integrate Facebook connect buttons into your company website. Website visitors can easily connect to Facebook with the click of a button, enabling companies to maintain contact with potential customers.
  • Provide robust company information so that people who visit the Facebook page are getting the same message as those who view the website.
  • A consistent posting strategy is the most effective; therefore, plan to post regularly.
  • Engage your audience and influence friends of fans by expanding Facebook posts and content beyond your own topic of interest. For example, as well as posting information on food risk and safety issues you could also highlight other food news, events, projects and even seasonal messages which your followers would find appealing. You will find people following your Facebook page in order to keep up with the latest news and trends.
  • Furthermore, be innovative in how you drive traffic to your Facebook page, e.g. Ask questions or run a quiz! Remember: Facebook contests do not have to award massive prizes to be effective. For example the FSAI give away prizes of official company merchandise for answering questions correctly on their Facebook page. Contests can result in a spike in traffic and likes on your Facebook page.
  • Integrate your other social media. Flickr2Facebook allows your Flickr images to be uploaded into a Facebook album.