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Get Going!

How to make a mobile app

If you plan to develop the app yourself or within your organization, you should:

  1. Decide what your app will do for the end user. This is a good stage to determine whether you will provide a free app or charge for it.
  2. Choose a platform. Each mobile platform (Blackberry, Google Android and Apple) has their own application programming interface (API).
  3. Sign up as a developer on the platform you have chosen.
  4. Download an app building service such as Magmito, Shoutem, Apps-builder and Buzztouch.
  5. Create the functionality of your app. You may want to hire someone to create the app, or part of the app such as the artwork.
  6. Test and retest your app.
  7. Upload your app to the platform website and wait for approval of the app.
  8. Promote your app and follow comments from users to improve the app.

You can commission the app development to an external company. In this case, steps 1, 2 and 8 as outlined above are relevant.

Tips for successful apps

  • No single app can include everything so determine who your audience is and what message you want to send them. Then plan an app which is targeted, and has relevant content that lets your audience know you know their needs.
  • Keep files small in size and reduce the number of files served to users. When there is insufficient internet connectivity, connection to the app data will usually be slower or non-existent.
  • Address the security of the app. Ensure the data and workflow of the mobile application are perfectly secure.
  • Test, test and retest the app. Make sure it works for different screen sizes and at different levels of internet connectivity.