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Get Going!

Create a widget

  1. Decide on information you want to present in widget format. Have a look at other widgets to see how they designed widgets that enable polls/surveys or widgets with +RSS feeds.
  2. There are programs online that allow anyone to create a widget. Several are free or available for a small fee. Some widget providers include: Widgetbox, Google Gadgets and Desktopify. However, if you want a customized one, you will most likely need to hire someone with specific technical, usability, and design skills to develop it.

Tips for successful widgets

  • Take a look around for widgets which you admire and think work well
  • The Facebook “like” button , Twitter, Google plus and Flickr widgets are on the Web, ready for you to use
  • When you build a widget you should make sure it is easy to install and that there is only one or two links back to your website
  • Ensure the widget displayed incorporates the primary keyword and company/organisation name and logo.