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How to send bulk SMS messaging

  1. An organisations text messaging system is usually delivered through contracts with outside hosts or mobile phone companies.  You should contact the companies mobile phone contractor for IT assistance.
  2. Bulk texts allows you to send a personalised text message to a group of recipients.
  3. The delivery of these messages can be scheduled in advance.
  4. You may need internet connection and a web browser to build your groups to which you wish to send your text messages.

Note: There are various factors that can impact the cost of implementing a mobile text messaging campaign including length of program, number of subscribers, number of messages sent and the custom features of the program.


Tips for successful SMS messaging

  • Keep messages short < 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  • Make messages engaging. Write relevant, timely, clear and actionable messages. Ensure the content is readable.
  • Use abbreviations and Latin characters sparingly and only when they are easily understood.  
  • Provide access to additional information. Include your organisation name in the text so users know who is sending the message and include a phone number and/or URL to a mobile website.
  • Include opt-out options. These characters also need to be figured into the maximum length of 160 characters.
  • Promote your text messaging efforts on mobile sites, social media and other spaces.