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Evaluate your situation

These guidelines aim to identify the key factors that need to be taken into account when considering the type and level of communications activities needed!

This section summarises the factors that have been identified by both academics and practitioners as crucial to risk and benefit communication decision-making. In principle, all need to be considered, but each factor may not always be relevant for every scenario. Furthermore, the factors are not necessarily mutually exclusive and although categories have been defined for the purpose of simplifying a very complex task, communicators should not lose sight of the fact that some scenarios may need to address multiple factors.


The following elements are discussed:

When communicating about food risks and benefits, one needs to think carefully about what can be expected from specific communication efforts.

A thorough and systematic consideration of the possible relevant factors can help to improve risk and benefit communication.

A situation that cannot be handled with routine procedures requires specific attention on the level of communication.

Risk and benefit communication cannot be made into an exact science, but a thorough consideration of all relevant factors can help to make judgements more informed!