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EFSA RSS alert


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) website publishes news via RSS for individuals or other websites to receive automatically updated content via a ‘combined feed’. The RSS feeds contain only a title, excerpt or description, and link back to the original, more detailed content.


What type of information does EFSA post in their RSS feed?

By signing up to the FSA RSS feeds for food alerts you are informed about the latest information published on the EFSA website. You can subscribe to receive all feeds or one or more specific feeds for information on news stories, press releases, events, calls for tenders, currents vacancies and the EFSA Journal.


What makes this a good RSS feed?

  1. Easier management of information- The option of topic-based News Feeds means that subscribers can filter the content they receive.
  2. Easy monitoring of new developments- EFSA use RSS feed to send information on new job vacancies and events. This is a simple and convenient way for subscribers to keep up with information and is an ideal way to avoid constantly having to access the internet to look for applications or upcoming events.