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Focus groups

How to do it?

Although the script and agenda of the focus group may vary, the following activities should be performed during the session:


Beginning the session
  • Offer thanks, a welcome and introductions
  • Attend to participants' comfort (refreshments, toilets, special needs)
  • Signing consent forms and ask permission to record
  • Discuss anonymity/confidentiality issues
  • Complete name badges
  • Recap purpose of study
  • Outline procedure, including finishing time
  • Set ground rules for running the group
  • Provide opportunity to ask questions
Moderating the discussion
  • Make sure the group's discussion is directed and remains focused in the topic of interest, but make room for new ideas to develop
  • The amount of structure imposed on the discussion should depend on specific information needs
  • Be short while talking and avoid sequential questioning
  • Be aware of problematic participants (e.g., dominant or shy) and try to balance the group discussion
  • After the end of the group discussion, other methods to collect qualitative or quantitative data (e.g., questionnaires) could be used, if necessary
Ending the session
  • Reiterate thanks
  • Reiterate confidentiality
  • Give opportunity for questions
  • Provide further information or posssible sources of information
  • Debrief
  • Check that participants have had a good experience
  • Offer farewells and /or information about any follow-ups


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