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About the FoodRisC Resource Centre

This resource centre is aimed at policy makers, food authorities, food industry, NGOs and other stakeholders involved in food risk and benefit communication. It should also interest academics and researchers. It is designed to facilitate effective and coherent communication on food risks and benefits thereby promoting consumer understanding through clear messages.

This resource centre is the output of the FP7 FoodRisC project. It is designed to be used as a resource centre for communicators and other professionals with various degrees of experience in the field of food risks and benefits communication, in Europe and beyond.
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More Information about this resource centre

The aim of the FoodRisC (Food Risk Communication – perceptions and communication of food risk/benefits across Europe) project is to map out the networks and information sources contributing to food risk and benefit communication. The FoodRisC project has provided new evidence in five areas:

  • The characterisation of food risk and benefit issues and the consequent communication implications
  • The potential role of new social media in communicating food risk/benefit
  • The way in which consumers respond to information they perceive as uncertain, contested or confusing and to develop relevant segmentation criteria
  • The applicability of the concept of information seeking to the design of food risk/benefit communications.
  • Developing practical ways in which consumer sense making and deliberation can be taken into account in order to provide substantive benefits to stakeholders in developing communications.

The outcomes from these five areas of research have fed into the development of this resource centre. In addition, this resource centre contains selected information from other external organisations.

This is a dynamic resource centre and the intention is that its content will be updated as new research and evidence-based knowledge emerges in the field of risk and benefit communication.



The FoodRisC consortium is led by Prof. Patrick Wall at University College Dublin, Ireland, and consists of 14 partners from 9 European countries. The majority of the consortium partners are research institutes, but there are also partners coming from the communications sector, including small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

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